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What’s the bottom line?

Other than purchasing appropriate clothing and footwear for weekly dance classes, ALL of the costs associated with registering your dancer at the MDC are listed below.  Click on each tab to review rates.

    Annual Registration Fee

    Annual Registration Fee per Dancer $25.00

    Annual Family Registration Fee for 2 or More Dancers $35.00

    1 class per week- $40 a month

    to add additional classes -$20 extra PER class a month

    2 classes a week- $60 a month

    3 classes a week- $80 a month

    4 classes a week- $100 a month

    See Unlimited rates for discounts on additional classes

    Unlimited Monthly Classes Tuition Rate

    Unlimited classes include all styles of dance, and tumbling in dancer’s level.

    Unlimited Monthly Classes $100.00, Mini Unlimited $70.00/toggle]

    Diva and Edge Team Monthly Tuition

    Diva, Elate, and Edge Team Monthly Tuition- $60

    Diva/Elate/Edge Team with Unlimited Classes-


    Includes all styles of dance, open classes, team classes, and tumbling in dancers level.

    Performance Team Monthly Tuition

    Performance Team Monthly Tuition (Audition Only) $90.00
    Performance Team and Unlimited Classes-


    Includes all styles of dance, open classes, team classes,  and tumbling in dancer’s level.


    Recital and Costume Fees

    The Movement Dancer center has two recitals per year; a Christmas Recital in December and a Spring Recital in May.  We charge a recital fee for the Spring Recital Only. The costumes include everything for the performance EXCEPT the footwear.

    Christmas Recital Costume $30

    Each class has the same costume for the Christmas Recital.

    Christmas Recital Costume Fee is due by November 16th.

    Spring Recital Costume $65 per class.

    Spring Recital Costume Fee is due by March 15th.

    Spring Recital Fee $35 per family

    Spring Recital Fee is due by April 12th.

A Few Notes on Tuition

A 15% discount on TUITION will be given for each additional student in a family.

Private Lessons are available at the Teachers Rate.

Tuition is due the on the 1st Class of the month,
a $5 late fee will be charged if not paid in full at that time.

You can make payments to the studio with cash or check in the tuition box, credit cards during the 1st week of classes in studio,  or Paypal online using the email address dancemdc@live.com.

MDC Dress Code

ALL students are required to have hair pulled back, and NO jewelry  or gum is allowed.

Ballet – Must wear tights, ballet shoes and a leotard of any color choice, skirts are allowed.

Diva , Elate, & Edge Teams– No street clothes allowed!  Must have on dance or athletic clothing & dance shoes. Required to have gore boots and tennis shoes.

Hip Hop– Free to dress in movable clothes, must wear tennis shoes.

Tumbling– Must have tight fitting athletic clothing, no baggy tee’s or sweats. No shoes  or socks allowed on mats.

Performance Team– Must wear all black dance clothing with proper footwear. 

Mini Dance-Free to dress up in any dance or athletic attire, must have ballet shoes.

Jazz- Form fitting dance attire and gore boots.

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  • ``Summer is here and if you're looking for a dance studio for your little ones, I highly recommend The Movement Dance Center! They are affordable and the teachers are fantastic! Best studio I have found! Two thumbs up!`` Jennifer Norwood Langston
  • ``You will love it here! No crazy dance mom drama, beautiful age appropriate costumes and music and a lot of fun activities throughout the year really sets this studio a part from the rest! This mother approves-and my little dancer does too!`` Andrea Hanks
  • ``I love MDC! I have watched my daughter's confidence and love for dance grow. I am grateful for the talented instructors that make the studio a second family for the dancers where they are nurtured and their talent blooms!`` Amalia Barrera